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Metalmorphosis was conceived by Count Riprand Arco, Founder and Chairman of American Asset Corporation, when the Count set out to design a visually stunning focal point for AAC's 200-acre office park development - Whitehall Corporate Center.

With it's grand plaza, Whitehall Corporate Center presented an opportunity to create something monumental - a sculpture that would inspire both native Charlotteans and visitors alike.

Count Arco approached internationally renown Czech Sculptor, David Cerny.  Cerny's idea for a one-of-a-kind sculpture was conceived, crafted and executed from its original concept, a testament to his technical savvy and his talent as an artist. Cerny says, "I was thinking about doing something as a centerpiece.  I knew I wanted to employ water from the beginning."  In addition to the water element, Cerny's design also incorporates a complex infrastructure and choreographed movement on a magnificent scale, creating a beautiful synergy of form and function.

Original Rendering of   Metamorphosis   by David Cerny

Original Rendering of Metamorphosis by David Cerny